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Registration of a new user

 Information for Users: 

This form is used for new users of the local Z@vinac (Vyhlidka) network. The filling out and sending of this form is considered as deal of contract about using and providing the local Z@vinac (Vyhlidka) network.
To successful passing the registration is necessary to fill out the yellow cells at least!

 Kind of a user: 

Over there choose the way, which you are interested to use the local network. The User of local network is also a user of the printing services as well and don’t have to register again.

 Users information: 
(o + 6digits number showed on your card)
(building mark + room number)
 E-mail, Phone, ICQ, Skype, MSN, Jabber: 

The following contact will be used to give you to know about using the local network Your e-mail is requires!!! Recommanded is also to fill out other cells for faster communication. All the information you filled out will not be showed anywhere, just in database of network users.

 A password to the local network: 

If you would like to change your specifications, to register or to make a new devices for connection, acquire your bill of print out services you can use the websites of network. Before login to the local network, you have to authorize. For user´s name type your o-number (6digits number showed on your card), and put a password (remember that password and keep that password against abusing). A password is need for checking type twice. Attention, a password respects small and big capitals.

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